Betsystripes_beechcreeklandscapingcharlestonHigh Quality Lawn Maintenance

Our clients here in Charleston enjoy industry leading quality, dependability, and consistency in their lawn maintenance that is “nothing if not meticulous.” Each service always includes mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing all sidewalks and driveways clean. At Beech Creek Landscaping, our Lawn Maintenance Program is also custom tailored according to the specific needs of each client. Because we can be on site 52 weeks a year, you are able to enjoy greater beauty and detail in your landscape throughout the year.




NewSod1_beechcreeklandscapingNew Sod Installation

The most important but all too often ignored detail in sodding your lawn is the question: why do you need new sod?
This could be a loaded question if you live with outdoor pets, don’t have an irrigation system, suffer from lawn insect infestations, have big unpruned trees, improper drainage, etc. Without addressing the direct issue, your investment could quickly become wasted money. Give us a call, we can help! Our installation process involves a “hands and knees” approach and we are very proud of how well our new sod projects turn out.




TreePruning - beechcreeklandscapingTree Pruning Services Specializing in Meticulous Live Oak Care

You may have majestic Oaks or some little tikes that have a bright future, or a combination of both. What do all your trees have in common? They need attention and planning. Your trees should be assets not liabilities. Don’t wait until your trees become eye soars before you take action. Give your trees the attention they deserve and start early when possible. Pruning a young tree can give it a better chance to grow tall and healthy. Too late to start early? If you do have a tree in need of assistance, the sooner you take action, the sooner the tree begins the recovery process. Beech Creek offers tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal and debris removal.





beech creek charleston scTurf Management

At Beech Creek, our lawn care experts in the Charleston area are committed to installing your turf correctly and efficiently, using only state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally responsible methods. Our attention to detail throughout the entire turf installation process guarantees your yard will look its best for years to come.Charleston’s weather patterns have been very erratic the last few years and our lawns have taken a beating. Insect activity, moles, fungi, etc. have been increasingly damaging to Charleston’s lawns. Our recent heavy rains have made standing water and over saturation bigger problems lately as well. Improving your problem areas will start with a Plan to reduce wasteful spending. Give us a call, we can help.




services_curbappeal_beechcreekPre and Post Market Curb Appeal

There are many pros in “detailing” your landscape and maximizing your value. Even if your future buyer doesn’t absolutely love what they see, and it’s not what draws them to the property, it takes leverage away from them at the bargaining table. With nothing evident that needs to be done outside of opinionated changes, your property is therefor more valuable. Check out our amazing before and after pictures and see for yourself why we are the best company to call when you need to look your best!




services_pavers beech creekPavers, Patios, and Walkways

A new patio or walkway is a great way to add more functional space in your landscape and add value to your home. Countless options make it fun to design the perfect custom addition for your outdoors. Not sure where to start? We can help you develop a PLAN by mixing components and factors such as: Functional necessity, inspiring pictures and examples, material quality, and budget requirements. We will combine different qualities and characteristics of your needs and favorite examples through an enjoyable process that improves your landscape.



services_irrigation charlestonIrrigation

Getting water to your Charleston lawn is imperative during the hot summer months. Installing an irrigation system will save you time and help protect your investment! Having an automatic timer and not having to drag water hoses will be a priceless addition to your home! Systems also make it easier to have healthy ornamentals and seasonal flowers.

Irrigation systems by definition are not hard to install. Having a system installed by someone lacking the proper experience can be a big problem. Even though it looks like it’s just a puzzle and getting it put together means you now have magical watering system that you don’t have to worry about is not true! Systems that are not planned properly will give you spots that get too much water, not enough water, inefficient water usage, and more potential budget killing problems.



Aerating your lawn is a simple process that can be a huge difference maker in your lawns short term and long term health. Soil decompression through aeration improves air movement and water penetration to the roots of the grass. This allows your fertilizers and other beneficial nutrients to be maximized by your lawn. Call, text, or email Beech Creek today to schedule your aeration services. In our warm climate, it’s best to aerate our grasses in late spring and summer. Don’t be impatient nor let anyone tell your it’s ok to aerate too early. Your grass needs to be actively growing to repair itself and take advantage of it’s new found space for root expansion.




services_leafcleanupSeasonal Cleanups and High Efficiency Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is never on anyone’s “front burner” list! Beech Creek has an incredibly efficient leaf removal system and the cost for this process is very reasonable compared to the time we can save you. Once you see how detailed our cleanup process is, and how fair the price is, you’re likely to add leaf removal to your list of things to never do again!

Did you know leaf removal is a must if you have anything close to decent grass that’s getting covered up? Waiting until all the leaves have fallen the wrong approach. Even though your grass may be brown and dormant, your grass needs to see the sun! Your lawn will be much happier and healthier if you remove the leaves regularly as they are falling. Call,text, or email Beech Creek and say bye to your most hated chore.


Palm4Cul-de-sac Specials!!!

Don’t wait on your neighbors to get their leaves up! HUH? That’s right, you know that raking your lawn clean today will be a waste of time because the neighbor’s leaves are blowing around all over the place! Getting your cul-de-sac together will save you money and having everyone’s leaves picked up at the same time ensures enjoyment from the service!




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